Management Reporting

Meaningful and timely management information is essential to running a successful business, but preparing it is often time consuming and laborious. Reporting software can help automate this process.
Management Accounting:
In order to make timely and meaningful management decisions every business needs accurate financial, non-financial (such as KPI's) and other key information readily and reliably made available.

In addition, having the ability to compare management accounts with original budgets enables key decision-makers to manage and focus their businesses better. Good accounts will help identify favourable or adverse trends, and to highlight variations in income or spending which may require special attention.

We are expert and have an enviable track record in the preparation of timely monthly and quarterly management reports. Once each set is prepared, our senior staff will carry out a full review and make any necessary adjustments, before finally presenting the report to our client.

The entire process will usually take place remotely at our offices, and thanks to our proven preparations methods, is relatively quick and without inconvenience to our clients.

Financial Modelling:
Businesses old and new are increasingly required or find it necessary to prepare financial budgets or forecasts. These may be required for internal use for business planning purposes, or for external use, typically as part of a business plan or to present to stakeholders.

Each financial model is configured extensively to reflect the workings of each client business, and so vary considerably in complexity and nature. They are designed to allow 'sensitivity analysis' by varying key assumptions, and can be set up as 'rolling' models, which can be re-used and updated month after month.

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