Payroll and Expatriate Payroll

Administering your own payroll can be time consuming, diverting resources from the core activities of your business. The task is made all the more difficult by the growing complexity of taxation and employment legislation and the accompanying regime of penalties for non-compliance. The introduction of RTI and, more recently, automatic enrolment (of pensions), has only underlined the risks and relative complexity.

We can alleviate this burden cost-effectively for even the smallest payroll. We provide customisable payslips, monthly summaries and take care of all of the compliance matters that routinely arise throughout each tax year. You are provided with complete summaries and copy payslips to refer to when making payments to both your staff and HMRC.


Do you have internationally mobile expatriate employees working in the UK or overseas? If yes then our dedicated, highly experienced team offer a fully managed, expatriate payroll service that offers:

  • Appendix 4 applications in respect of short term business visitors in to the UK to obviate the need to operate UK PAYE withholding;
  • Appendix 5 applications for UK employees working overseas and remaining tax resident in the UK to incorporate a foreign tax credit claim via the UK payroll;
  • Shadow payroll operation to the extent the expatriate employee continues to receive compensation in the home country;
  • Inbound and outbound/modified payroll operation (Appendix 6, 7a and 7b) in respect of tax equalized employees;
  • Certificate of Coverage and A1 applications to support the home and host social security position;
  • Payroll health checks to ensue robust and compliant;
  • Form P11D preparation to report employee benefits correctly;
  • Payroll consultancy on all aspects of expatriate payroll management.

Expatriate payroll can be a complex area in which mistakes can easily lead to inadequate compliance and/or over or under payments to the relevant tax authorities.

Please contact Emma Cottington, Zul Muhamad or Brandon Florence on 020 7523 5322 to discuss how we can help you, for more information or to arrange a no obligation meeting.