US and UK Tax Compliance

Our US and UK tax compliance team is highly experienced in all aspects of dual-tax compliance, including:

US Tax:
  • Preparing and submitting tax returns for US citizens, green card holders and (non) resident aliens
  • State tax returns
UK Tax:
  • Preparing and submitting tax filings for UK domiciles and non-UK domiciles
  • Reviewing remittance or arising basis tax compliance and preparation
Additional compliance reporting forms:
  • Expatriation
  • Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBARs)
  • ITIN applications
  • Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets

All US citizens must file tax returns regardless of their country of residence. US citizens paying tax in the UK are still required to file annually with the US, even when there is no tax due. In addition, the requirement to file Foreign Bank Account Reporting forms remains even when you do not owe tax — and there can be significant penalties for each form not filed correctly.

Best4business Accountants have a dedicated team that specialises in filing multi-year returns, bringing clients up-to-date where they have not filed for a number of years, both in the UK or US.

We can assist with all aspects of multi-year compliance. This includes:
  • US tax returns
  • UK tax returns
  • Analysis of the number of years’ reporting required
  • Advice around the best way to submit prior year late filed returns
  • Foreign bank account reporting and compiling a case for failure to file
  • IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP)
  • IRS Streamlined Filing Compliance procedures review

We offer a free initial consultation (on a confidential basis) to fully understand your specific circumstances. Please contact Steve Healy on 020 7523 5322 or e-mail